Objectives and Grant Support Categories

The Charity’s Objects are widely drawn to support general charitable purposes:

  • The relief of poverty throughout the world
  • The advancement of education throughout the world
  • The advancement of religion throughout the world and
  • Such other charitable purposes anywhere in the world as are for the benefit of the United Kingdom community
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Michael Jeans, with 47 Sqn Sword Winner

The Charity provides support within five main categories:

1. Major Project funding of a total of up to £250,000 or more awarded to a lead charity, chosen from candidate charities recommended by Company members. Such major funding will be intended to continue for up to three years. Ideally such support will be mainly directed to a project or projects to which the Company’s funding will make a real difference and will lead to a tangible outcome.

We will provide either capital or revenue support, as appropriate, and look favourably on innovation. The Trustees only make formal commitments year by year, on the basis of regular progress reports received.

We look particularly favourably on projects which will enable direct involvement of Company members. For information on projects to date, visit the “Major Project Awards” screen.

2. Single donations of typically up to £5,000 to charities introduced by members of the Company, after they have undertaken appropriate diligence. The Trustees believe strongly that it is important that the introducing Company member(s) should be personally involved in the project or organisation concerned. The Trustees will want to know that the Company’s contribution will make a difference and will support a tangible outcome.

3. Recurring support for the Company’s affiliated military and cadet units – Royal Marines Poole (SBS Association), 47 Squadron Royal Air Force, Harrow and Wembley Sea Cadets and Dartmouth RNC. Our support is always directed towards the welfare of personnel and families and the provision of non-military equipment.

4. Recurring support, usually of modest amount, for a number of charities connected with and supported by the City. Further information can be found by visiting the “Support for our City” screen.

5. Bursaries for ICAEW members undertaking academic research leading to a PhD in a subject related to the profession. These bursaries are awarded to candidates selected after due process by a panel of Trustees and advising academics. Further information can be found by visiting the “PhD Bursary Awards” screen.