The governing body of the Company is the Court, which comprises the Master (who presides), the Senior and Junior Wardens, the Almoner, the Senior Past Master, recent Past Masters and a number of other Court Assistants (usually including the President, Deputy President and Vice-President of the Institute, if they are Liverymen of the Company).

Each Officer normally serves one year in their office, the Junior Warden usually proceeding to Senior Warden, when the Senior Warden is customarily installed as Master.

Court Members

John Cardnell

Senior Warden

Hilary Lindsay

Junior Warden

Court Assistants

Will Brooks

Ann Bulford

Clifford Bygrave (PM)

David Chitty

Ian Davies

Peter Estlin (Alderman)

Leslie Ferrar

Michael Fowle (PM and Almoner)

Graeme Gordon (Treasurer)

Richard Green (Chairman, Livery Ctte)

David Illingworth (PM)

Michael Izza (ICAEW CEO)

Michael Jeans (IPM)

Richard Macve

Steve Maslin

David Matthews

Nick Parker (ICAEW President)

Kevin Parry (Chairman, Recruitment Ctte)

Andy Popham

Martin Robinson

Sir David Rowe-Ham (Senior PM)

Mark Spofforth (PM)

Beverley Turner

Charity Trustees

Michael Fowle (Almoner)

Miles Hedges

Sally Orton

Andrew Pianca

Andy Popham

Martin Robinson

Nigel Turnbull


Jonathan Grosvenor


Barbara Brooks

Deputy Clerk