The governing body of the Company is the Court, which is made up of the Master (who presides), the Senior and Junior Wardens, the Almoner (who is Chairman of our Charity Trustees), the Senior Past Master, recent Past Masters and a number of other Court Assistants (usually including the President, Deputy President and Vice-President of the Institute, if they are Liverymen of the Company).

Each Officer normally serves one year; the Junior Warden usually being elected as Senior Warden, when the Senior Warden is elected as Master.

The Court meets quarterly and takes all decisions affecting the Company, such as its activities, finances, membership, participation in the affairs of the City and support for the Lord Mayor and Corporation.

Court Assistants are initially appointed for a five-year term and can serve a second term.

The Clerk and the Events Organiser are responsible for the Company’s administration.

The Charity (Number 327681), which is independent of the Company, is controlled by Trustees appointed from the membership, chaired by the Almoner. The Trustees appoint the Clerk to the Charity, who is currently the Charity Administrator.

Jonathan Grosvenor

Senior Warden

Vince O'Brien

Junior Warden

Court Assistants

Malcolm Bacchus

ICAEW Deputy-President

Libby Bassett

Jonathan Bewes

John Cardnell

Treasurer and Past Master

David Chitty

Chairman, Communications Committee

Sir Peter Estlin

Past Master

Ken Gardener

Senior Past Master

Graeme Gordon

Past Master

Richard Green

Immediate Past Master

Miles Hedges

Neeraj Kapur

Hilary Lindsay

Past Master

David Matthews

Sally Orton

Beverley Turner


Steven Whitaker

Chairman, Livery Committee

Charity Trustees

Beverley Turner


Kevin Parry OBE


Sue Field

Peter Jenkins

Neeraj Kapur

Steve Maslin

David Matthews

Sally O'Neill

David Watson


Jonathan Grosvenor JP