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The City of London, which is a single square mile of land on the north bank of the Thames in the heart of our nation’s capital, broadly on the site of the old Roman walled town of Londinium, is the UK’s smallest local authority area and the long-time centre of our financial services sector.

It is also home to nearly 120 Liveries and Guilds, many dating back to the early Middle Ages. The Worshipful Company of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, is the 86th such Livery and today plays a key role in the City’s governance (including providing a regular succession of Lord Mayors) and in the wider UK economy.

Princess and Master (1)

The then Master, greeting HRH The Princess of Wales to another of our charity fundraisers

Members bugler

In particular, as well as helping elect the Lord Mayor, Sheriffs and other City of London officers each year, we also advise the Civic authorities on business-related matters, and work with other Liveries to ensure as much “joined-up” governance as possible.


Beyond this, we help the Institute foster high standards in the profession, working with them on a number of initiatives, support our Members in their business lives, provide a social space in which they can enjoy each other’s company and that of their guests, and raise money for a wide range of good causes.

Only members of the Institute may become Members and we seek to promote in each generation the standards, skills and talents which our profession represents.


Livery Companies reach out the hand of fellowship within the City of London and beyond, through service and through a united commitment to the values of common life. Livery Companies are marked for the generosity of their charitable work which including our own, contribute to the UK’s business community.

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Our motto is True and Fair and our Members are leading accountants and business people from industry, commerce, the financial sectors including professional firms of accountants.

Joining the Company is a privilege which allows Institute members to meet and socialise with other chartered accountants outside their own business and normal contacts, enabling us all to be better informed about key professional and business issues.

The Company is a member of the Financial Services Group of Livery Companies, which enhances this benefit.

Like all Livery Companies, we support our nation’s armed forces. We are the Livery Company for:

Special Boat Service Badge - 1

Special Boat Service

47 Squadron RAF Badge

47 Squadron RAF

dartmouth badge

Britannia Royal Naval College Dartmouth

Sea Cadet Corps Badge

Harrow and Wembley Sea Cadets

We also have a special connection with the Honourable Artillery Company.

Sir Trevor MacDonald receives a cheque for £30,000 from the Master, Sir Jeremy Hanley, for the National Missing Persons Helpline in 2006

Charitable Trust

Our Charitable Trust has built up considerable funds over the years which, together with Members’ ongoing annual contributions, enable the trustees to support many good causes.


These have a particular focus on education generally, especially numeracy, literacy and accountancy, and include funding for students undertaking PhDs on accountancy topics.

However, over the years, we have supported a wide range of charities dear to our Members’ heart, covering areas as diverse as Missing Persons, Hospices, the Boys Brigade, Disabled Sport, Speech Impairment, Homelessness, Care for the Elderly, Counselling, and Leukemia, amongst many others.


Further details are given on the Charity pages of this website.

Financial Education

Annual Banquet Mansion House

Social Events

Socially, the Company’s year opens with our Installation Church Service and Dinner in October, when the Master-Elect taking office.


Two more major Dinners follow shortly after Christmas and in April, either at Chartered Accountants’ Hall or at other Livery Halls around the City. In July, the Lord Mayor usually invites us to hold our Annual Banquet at Mansion House, which is always a great occasion.

In addition, the Company runs a range of other social events, including a carol service, and various smaller lunches, suppers, visits and trips to sporting, and cultural locations and events around the country. There is often also a Master’s Weekend, which is frequently abroad.


The Company participates in Inter-Livery competitions such as golf, bridge, tennis, real tennis, shooting, go-karting, swimming and Tough Mudders, and individual Members engage in a wide range of other supported activities, both for enjoyment and to raise money for our Charity.

Tough Mudder