Our Emergency COVID-19 Grant Programmes

In April 2020, as soon as the extent of the disruption caused by the pandemic and its impact on charities became apparent, the Chartered Accountants’ Livery Charity put aside an additional £110,000 to give out in emergency grants.

We asked our Members to nominate Charities they were involved with where they could see there was an immediate need.

As they were in effect doing the due diligence, it meant the money could be distributed speedily.

“This news has given us all a real boost.”

In November, as the second wave of the outbreak emerged, the Trustees put aside a further £75,000. Applications are still being considered but we have to date distributed £63,000.

Overall we have made 44 grants to 41 different organisations, totalling £173,000.

“Please do pass on our sincere thanks to all the Members of the Company.”

The two pictures show all the charities we have been able to help through these two programmes. The breadth and scope of the charities is immediately apparent. We have helped charities in London, in the rest of the UK and two who work outside the UK.

In the first wave we were sometimes helping with immediate cash crises. In the second wave we moved on to supporting specific initiatives that would make a difference: for example laptops for schools, a new mutual aid organisation and providing mental health support.

In both waves we supported food banks and enabled arts organisations to reach more vulnerable members of society through online alternatives – and, as you can see, helped in many other ways.

“Your grant will make an incredible difference to our work.”

The quotes from the thank you letters we have received show what a difference our timely support has made and we are very proud of what the Charity has done. We are keen to promote what we have done @WCCAEW #CALiveryCharity

For more information please contact Hilary Lindsay almoner@nullaccountantslivery.org

The Trustees have drawn on our reserves to fund both emergency grant programmes.

If you would like to make a contribution to this endeavour you can do so at:


“It is no exaggeration to say that your gift will help us save lives.”