Past Masters’ and Past Consorts’ Meetings and Lunch

Innholders' Hall 30 College Street, London, United Kingdom

This is the occasion at which the Master provides a report to their predecessors, who give private guidance on issues of the day. The Masters' Consort does much the same with those who have gone before, and then everyone meets up for a Lunch. Those currently in the chair find the process and the discrete feedback and advice they receive to be very valuable, and those who attend greatly enjoy the day and contributing to the ongoing development of their Livery Company. This year, the venue is the lovely Innholders' Hall, down near the river at the foot of Dowgate Hill. Dress is smart business attire and the ticket price is calculated in arrears and billed accordingly.


Common Hall

Glaziers' Hall 9 Montague Close, London, United Kingdom

We are obliged to hold an AGM and this is it. Members often say that it is both pleasingly short and very interesting, and it is our opportunity to make our views plain, and set the course of the Company for the immediate future. The Master, Clerk, Treasurer, Almoner and Committee Chairmen all report and submit themselves to questions. The formal Calling Letter, Agenda and Proxy Form were emailed to all Members on the evening of 21st February. Contact the Clerk if you want duplicates of any of those documents.


Shrieval Election and Lunch at Guildhall

Guildhall Gresham Street, London, United Kingdom

Twice a year, the City of London Corporation’s Common Hall is transformed from a standard local authority meeting on civic issues, into a day of great ceremony. Each autumn Liverymen elect the next year’s Lord Mayor and every summer, it’s the turn of the two Sheriffs. The Shrieval election ceremony starts at noon (There is no admission after 11.45am.) and ends around 12.30-12.45pm. Dress is lounge suit for men and smart day wear for ladies. After Common Hall, most Liveries go home, but our Master always hosts a private Reception and Lunch. We go up to Guildhall’s roof terrace on the fourth floor for the Reception and then into the Aldermen’s Dining Room for lunch. The day is very much one for partners and guests too. This year, as an extra, it has been possible to secure some places at the annual Armed Forces Flag Raising in Guildhall Yard. For those who would like to stay on to see it, this takes place at 3.15pm, lasts about 30 minutes, and is rather a nice sign of respect for our military from the City. Common Hall and the Flag Raising are free, and this year the Lunch costs £75. The Dining Room only holds 28 guests, so places will have to be allocated on as first-come-first-served basis.