The Chartered Accountants’ Company

We are the City of London Livery Company for members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, a 150,000-strong professional body with a global reach, and this domain is the site of our new website. As you can see, it is currently under construction, but it should be ready very shortly and will offer visitors lots of information about the Company, its aims and activities.  Please come back soon!


As a Livery incorporated under Royal Charter, we raise large sums every year for a range of charitable causes, fund bursaries for doctoral students in the accountancy field (see below), play a leading role in the governance of the local authority responsible for the City of London, organise lectures on topics of business interest, support specific units within the armed forces, and hold a variety of membership events to promote a sense of community and fellowship within the Company and the wider Livery world.

Because the Institute is so large, whilst our size is legally limited to 350 Liverymen, pressure on places is inevitably extreme. That said, ICAEW Members are always welcome to contact the Clerk, who is in charge of day-to-day administration, and discuss the possibility of joining the Livery. Personal merit, a willingness to contribute in a collegiate environment and a pleasant personality are all we ask of applicants.

PhD funding opportunity for ICAEW members

The Chartered Accountants’ Livery Charity advertises PhD funding for 2018

Up to two PhD candidates each year are awarded annual bursaries of up to £5,000 each per annum, to run for four years (subject to supervisor reports showing good performance). These bursaries are for ICAEW members undertaking academic research leading to a PhD in a subject related to the profession.  These are awarded to candidates selected after due process by a panel of Trustees and advising academics.

To apply for a grant for the academic year 2018/19 please contact Gillian Knight at the ICAEW at who will mail a Form of Application and Guidance Notes for completion and return to her.  The bursaries are only available to ICAEW members or persons who have gained the equivalent recognised qualification, including from abroad – Gillian Knight can advise on recognised qualifications.  Applications must be received by mid-May annually and interviews of short-listed candidates are conducted by a panel of Trustees and advising academics in June.

Contact Details

For all Livery Company enquiries:

Jonathan Grosvenor, Clerk


Tel: 01865-582350 (office hours)

For all Livery Charity enquiries:

Barbara Brooks, Deputy Clerk


Tel: 01276 850195 (office hours)